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CENTURION RAILINGS provides attractive and cost effective aluminum railings for your home or business.

No staining + No rusting + No repainting + No rotting + No corroding = No worries

D U R A B I L I T Y    -   N O   M A I N T E N A N C E
Imagine a beautiful new aluminum railing system for your entry steps, patio, balcony etc. that will not ever require the maintenance of wood again! No more scraping, sanding, painting, or staining…ever! Now you get to spend more time enjoying your railings than maintaining them. An aluminum railing from Centurion Railings will add a lifetime of beauty and value to any property.. 

Part of the benefit of aluminum railings, fences and gates is to add security to your home or business, and our aluminum products will do just that. All of our Railings are tested and meet the Ontario Building Code (SB13 included) and National Building Code.. 

An aluminum railing is the perfect addition to any home or business. Our railings matches any aesthetic taste and gives you the opportunity to really show off your personality. Our railings are available in a variety of colours and styles. 

C O S T - E F F E C T I V E

Aluminum railing is much cheaper than iron or steel alternatives, and when you consider the savings you'll enjoy by avoiding costly and time-consuming maintenance, aluminum is clearly one of the most cost-effective choice. 


CENTURION RAILINGS are Strong, Durable, and Maintenance - Free Beauty!
Our products are ideal for:
• Residential 
• Renovation/Restoration
• Cottages
• Pool Enclosures/Decks
• Low Rise/Buildings
• Property Fences
• Boat Homes
• Retaining Walls
• Restaurants
• Commercial Establishments
• Deck/Patio Enclosures 
C O L O U R    P A L E T T E
Pewter (P)

Clay (C) Cashmere (CM)
Sandalwood (S)
(Warm Beige)
White (W) Black (B)
Commercial Brown (CB)  
Actual Colours May Vary Slightly

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